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WCSO 2021 Community Outreach Golf Tournament

  1. Team Registration

    Complete this form by August 30th to ensure that a spot will be reserved for your team!  Please choose a lunch sandwich provided by The Shack by checking one choice for each player.

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  3. Last Name, First Name

  4. Is there a 3rd Player?*
  5. Is there a 4th Player
  6. Hole Sponsorship - $100 - Sign Will Be Placed On Designated Hole Showing Your Support!
  7. Would you like to be a hole sponsor?
  8. Door Prize Donations

    ** Prizes will be distributed to Golfers helping to make this tournament a great success!  Just call 276-328-3566 and someone will come by and pick up your donation.  **  

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  10. Payments

    Please make checks payable to DRUG ED FUND and mail to P.O. Box 916, Wise, VA. 24293

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