Zoning Ordinance

Purpose of Zoning

The purpose of "zoning" is to promote the health, safety, and general welfare of the public and is done by giving reasonable consideration to each of the following purposes, where applicable:

  • To encourage economic development activities that provide desirable employment and enlarge the tax base
  • To facilitate the creation of a convenient, attractive and harmonious community
  • To facilitate the provision of adequate police and fire protection, disaster evacuation, civil defense, transportation, water, sewerage, flood protection, schools, parks, forests, playgrounds, recreational facilities, airports and other public requirements
  • To promote affordable housing; and To protect surface water and groundwater
  • To protect against destruction of or encroachment upon historic areas
  • To protect against one or more of the following: overcrowding of land, undue density of population in relation to the community facilities existing or available, obstruction of light and air, danger and congestion in travel and transportation or loss of life, health or property from fire, flood, panic or other dangers
  • To protect approach slopes and other safety areas of licensed airports, including United States government and military air facilities
  • To provide for adequate light, air, convenience of access and safety from fire, flood and other dangers
  • To provide for the preservation of agricultural and forest lands and other lands of significance for the protection of the natural environment
  • To reduce or prevent congestion in the public streets

Zoning Districts

In Order to carry out the purposes of this Ordinance the following zoning districts have been established:

  • A-RR Agricultural-Rural Residential District
  • B-1 Limited Business District
  • B-2 General Business District
  • Conservation and Recreation District
  • FP Flood Plain Districts
  • Lonesome Pine Airport District
  • M-1 Light Industrial District
  • M-2 Heavy Industrial District
  • R-1 Single-Family Residential
  • R-2 General Residential District

Zoning Ordinance Text