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Market Analysis
Conceptual Development
Site Access
Stormwater Management
Geotechnical Overview
Project Costs
Appendix A
VA Econ. Dev. Office
Enterprise Zone


Lonesome Pine Regional Business & Technology Park


At the present time, adequate utilities needed for the ultimate development of the Park are not available on-site. During the master plan development of the Park, the utilities will be placed along the boulevards and service roads as depicted in the Infrastructure Site Schematic located in Appendix A. A main water line will connect to the Town of Wise water system near the Town’s Recreation Park, just south of the Lonesome Pine Regional Business & Technology Park, and follow State Route 723 north. A water pumping station and elevated storage tank will eventually be added to assure that adequate fire flows can be supplied to all parcels in the Park. A second water line will follow the West Loop Road and connect to the State Route 723 main water line near the intersection of the roads. A third water line will then connect to the State Route 723 main line and run along the south side of the East Loop Road and end just before the road turns north.

The Bear Creek Sewer Extension Project, which was studied in a separate report prepared for the Wise County IDA by Thompson + Litton in October, 1996, will supply the Park with sanitary sewer service. The sanitary sewer will enter the Park from the west, near the Town Center, and will end near the center of the Park on the West Loop Road. The sanitary sewer will then split in direction, with sewers running along the West Loop Road in both the north and south directions until they both join State Route 723. The southern portion of the sewer will extend past State Route 723 and continue on the East Loop Road until it reaches the far southeast portion of the Park. This sewer system will allow for the convenient connection of service laterals from individual sites when further development occurs.

The underground telephone and electrical lines will be installed along all boulevards and service roads constructed during the master plan development. They will enter the Park most likely from the connector road from the west and split up at each road, similar to the sanitary sewer.

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