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Lonesome Pine Regional Business & Technology Park


Main access to the Park will be provided by two boulevards. The boulevards will initially consist of two lanes with a grass median for landscaping and turning lanes. One boulevard will be an improvement to State Route 723 which runs in a north/south direction from State Route 646 to the Lonesome Pine Airport. This boulevard basically divides the Park into its eastern and western halves. The second boulevard will be a portion of a proposed connector road which will enter the Park near the northwestern corner of the property and intersect with State Route 723. 

The connector road, which runs from the Park to U.S. Alternate Route 58 in the Ramsey section of the City of Norton, has been studied in a separate, independent report. This report, entitled "Feasibility Study For The Proposed Ramsey / Clinch Valley College / Business & Technology Park / Lonesome Pine Airport Connector Road," was prepared by Maxim Engineering, Inc. in December 1998. The report was prepared for Wise County and the LENOWISCO Planning District Commission. 

The small portion of the connector road project near the northwestern portion of the Park is considered to be included initially in the West Loop Road development and may need to be constructed prior to the connector road project to allow for access to certain parcels in the Park. 

Service roads will provide employee, visitor and service access to each of the parcels. All roads are planned to be 30 feet wide, two-lanes, with curb and gutter and a piped stormwater collection system. These service roads create two loops running through the western and eastern portions of the Park, the West Loop Road and the East Loop Road, respectively. Both the West Loop Road and the East Loop Road will start just inside the Park limits to the south and connect to

State Route 723. The West Loop Road will then turn north and intersect with the connector road in the northwest portion of the Park. The East Loop Road will turn north, then west to connect back to State Route 723 just inside the Park limits to the north. The actual entrance, parking and service areas for each lot will be constructed as needed during development of individual parcels. The Infrastructure Site Schematic, located in Appendix A, shows the roads that are to be constructed during the development of the Park.   

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