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Lonesome Pine Regional Business & Technology Park


This document is the conceptual development of a master plan for the Lonesome Pine Regional Business & Technology Park (Park). As such, its intended use is to aid the Wise County Industrial Development Authority (IDA) in developing the proposed park in such a way as to attract potential office and technology-based companies to the region.

Unlike a traditional industrial park where the end result is a manufactured product, the primary focus of a business and technology park is services rendered. Because of the nature of this type of park, a "college campus" arrangement is appropriate and has been used as the central theme for this master plan. Parcels are laid out in such a manner as to provide small 1.5 acre to 4.4 acre sites as well as large 20-plus acre sites. Access is provided by boulevards and streets. Green areas are dispersed throughout the Park and the streets resemble a "small town" atmosphere.

The key to successful development of this type of park is often dependent on employee well-being. To address employee needs, amenities such as walking trails and green areas are dispersed throughout the Park to aid in relieving work related stress and tension. Recreation areas have been included at the east and west boundaries of the Park. These recreation areas will provide services to the employees and will efficiently utilize areas of the site that are unsuitable for development as building parcels. A Town Center has been included in the plan to meet the needs of the employees and thus creating a benefit for the employer as well. The Town Center is envisioned to include related services such as a day care center, restaurant, and small shops. 

Business needs such as a training, copying and faxing service centers are also a part of the master plan and will provide support to smaller businesses located in the Park. The plan also includes an incubator building intended to aid small, growing businesses.

Statements of probable project cost are provided for the infrastructure to accommodate access and development of each parcel of the Park. These costs are presented in independent segments in order to provide for maximum flexibility in the Park development. The infrastructure necessary to accommodate the ultimate development of the Park includes water system improvements, a wastewater system, roads, and stormwater management. These costs are presented in the Project Costs section of this report. Costs for buildings and individual site development are not included in this report since these costs are site and tenant specific. An Infrastructure Site Schematic included in Appendix A of this report depicts the complete infrastructure for which costs have been provided.

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