State Income Tax

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Doug Mullins, Jr. - Commissioner of the Revenue

State Income Tax

Every resident and non-resident income earner of Virginia is subject to the State Individual Income Tax. This means that the resident individual's entire income is subject to compliance with established tax codes whether it comes from within Virginia or from outside sources. Non-resident individuals Virginia income is subject to established tax codes. Individual State Income Taxes are due to the Commissioner of the Revenue on or before May 1 of each year.

State Income Tax Processing

The ultimate responsibility of the Income Tax Processing Division is to screen, review, and process all incoming State Income Tax Returns. All refunds and tax due returns are processed daily. Proper reports are prepared and are submitted to the Treasurer with payments.

Accelerated Refunds

This program is carried out by the Commissioner of Revenue through on-line access to the Virginia Department of Taxation. This results in a Virginia resident receiving a speedy refund, usually in 2 weeks or less.

State Income Tax Auditing and Taxpayers Assistance

The functions in this area revolve around the preparation and assistance of tax returns for the public. The Commissioner's Office provides taxpayer assistance by phone and for those who come into the office. Tax returns are actually prepared for many taxpayers. In addition to providing assistance to taxpayers by phone and in person, the office notifies the taxpayer when a return is incomplete or has incorrect information on the return. Our on-line access aids with taxpayer inquiries and allows the Commissioner of Revenue to handle taxpayer referrals that otherwise would have to be handled by the Department of Taxation.

Estimated Virginia Income Tax

The Office also handles the processing of all initial estimated income tax payments. Estimated payments are transmitted to the Treasurer and reports are compiled weekly and monthly.

Community Services As It Relates to State Income Tax

The Commissioner of the Revenue's Office provides a most valuable service to taxpayers by preparing and providing taxpayer assistance that could not otherwise be provided by the Commonwealth of Virginia. The taxpayer depends on the service and uses it. This enables the locality to catch errors and to assist in the reduction of errors before the return reaches the Commonwealth of Virginia. Close contact is kept between office personnel and most all local C.P.A's and tax practitioner's offices when assistance is needed in processing or correcting taxpayers returns.

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