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If I sell my vehicle in February do I have to pay the full year taxes?

Yes. Wise County does not prorate taxes. You must pay the full years taxes on the vehicle you owned on January 1 of each year.

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How long do I have to appeal a tax assessment?

There is a three year statute of limitations on making a tax adjustment.

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Who is required to file?

Anyone conducting business as an individual, partnership or corporation, or if you own leased business equipment in Wise County of January 1, of each year must file by May 1, with the Commissioner of the Revenue PO Box 1278 Wise, VA 24293.

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What items are listed on the Business Tangible Personal Property Return?

All furniture, fixtures, tools and equipment used in a trade or business. Machinery and tools used in a manufacturing, mining, radio or television, dry cleaning , laundry or farming.

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What information is needed for these items?

Provide a complete schedule of all personal property used in your business. This schedule should include the name of items, acquisition date and cost. In the event there was no cost for acquisition, an estimate of fair market value at the time of acquisition will suffice.

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What happens if I don't file?

If a taxpayer chooses not to file, a statutory assessment will be made.

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Who has to pay personal property tax?

Anyone who has personal property located in Wise County on January 1 each year.

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What is considered taxable personal property?

Automobiles, mobile homes, motorcycles, trailers, aircraft business personal property, machinery tools and merchant's capital.

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Who sets the personal property tax rate?

The Board of Supervisors establishes a personal property tax rate each year. The tax rate may vary according to category.

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How is personal property assessed?

The assessed value of personal property is based on a recognized pricing guide if available or the percentage of original cost. Percentages may vary according to the category of property. The pricing guides used for motor vehicles are the NADA books or percentage of costs. The value taken from the NADA guide is the low book value which is the loan value.

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When is my personal property tax payment due?

Taxes on all personal property are due October 31 to avoid penalty and interest.

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Is there a penalty for paying my personal property tax late?

Yes. A penalty of 10% of the assessed tax will be added to the taxes due.  In addition, interest will be due on both the tax and penalty, at a rate of 5% per annum until paid.

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If my personal property is unused or unlicensed, do I still pay personal property taxes?

Yes. All personal property is taxable, even unlicensed vehicles.

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What are my tax obligations if I am on active military duty maintaining Wise County as my legal residence?

Under the Soldiers' & Sailors' Civil Relief Act, your tax liability would be to Wise County regardless of where you are stationed or where your personal property may be garaged during the year.

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As an active duty member of the military will I be taxed for personal property in Wise County if I maintain a legal domicile in a state other than Virginia?

No. You would not be taxed in Wise County on personal property registered in the name of the service person only, and if you reside here by virtue of military orders. However, personal property registered jointly with a non-military member would be taxable both for personal property taxes and county decals if the same tax was not paid to their legal domicile.

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